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Why We Must Eat Avocados Every Day

Fruits are healthy foods that are suitable for intake during diet or just a snack every day.

Eating fruit regularly is also believed to strengthen the body's immunity or immunity. Well according to scientific studies, avocados are the most favored fruit of the world community.

Here are some of the benefits of avocados if you eat them every day:

1. Maintaining Heart Health
In developed countries heart disease is a major cause of death and even begins to spread to developing countries as well.

If you want to have a healthy heart, consider eating avocados every day. because avocados have unsaturated fat content that is very useful for the heart.

2. Maintain Eye Health
For a blogger maintaining eye organs is the most important thing. in addition to wearing glasses when in front of a computer or laptop you can also protect your eyes by frequently eating avocados. avocado contains carotene LUTEIN which serves to keep the eye from the cataract process.

3. Prevents Cancer
If you want to avoid cancer, often eat avocados often, because avocados contain a lot of fiber which is good for the stomach and can prevent colon cancer and can also fight breast cancer cells.

4. Control your weight
Although high in fat and calories eating avocados every day can still make your body stay thin.

This fruit is very suitable for those who are implementing a diet program.

5. Prevent Diabetes
Avocados contain oleic acid which can prevent diabetes problems.

Besides avocados also have unsaturated fat content which has a function as a reduction in triglyceride content and is able to control blood sugar levels.

6. Brighten the Skin
Japanese people usually add avocados to the seafood that's why Japanese people have bright skin.

The scientific reason for avocados is rich in vitamins D and E as well as omega 3 fats that are very good for the skin and help the skin to quickly regenerate dead skin

7. Prevents joint inflammation
Avocados also have the ability to reduce joint inflammation because avocados have an ingredient known as phytosterols which are useful as anti-inflammatory agents.

8. Prevent bad breath
Having a bad breath problem is a problem that is not good because it can reduce confidence. to prevent bad breath often eat avocados because avocados will cleanse your intestines.

9. Preventing Stroke
Avocados are rich in folic acid, it means that avocados are very capable of preventing stroke.

10. Increase Nutrition Absorption
Avocados contain carotenoid compounds that will help your body to increase the absorption of nutrients from the food you consume

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